The goal of Scalp Micropigmentation

By using the method, our client will not achieve thicker and fuller hair from the redundant pigments. It will not as if by magic start to grow. However, by having scalp micropigmentation done you will have the appearance of having a shaved close cut, with this illusion created that you always have the look of a shaved all over grade cut.

Learn about the benefits of the procedure:

It is almost painless – Our pigment is placed on the surface of the skin. This being done professionally should not cause the client much irritation.

Enhancement of a natural more youthful look – Micropigmentation has the guile to make you feel happier with the way you look.

Fast healing – Do not fret about being absent from your daily work and life duties. The genius of SMP is you will only have slight redness to the applied area, which will cease within hours.

Significant savings – You do the maths. Please, compare how much more affordable Scalp Micropigmentation is compared to expensive hair transplants. We offer a full range of methods that suit your needs and favours your pocket.

Increased mood and self-confidence – We understand its very cruel to go bald at any age. It is useful to remember that; clients that had SMP immediately after just 1 session left the studio feeling happier.

Comprehensive impacts – Our SMP provides treatment to cater for each, and every client we can help.

Instinctive results – Our results speak volumes. At Scalp Genesis we do not ask you to judge us by our 5-star reviews, but by our 1 star’s reviews. Why? Because we do not have any 1-star reviews. Our purpose is to serve our client’s needs to a highly professional standard. – Returning Clients – It is our upmost importance in the field of customer satisfaction that we keep you pleased. Our work is bespoke and is tailored to each client. The aim of our SMP is to last at least 3 – 5 years. Then it is a question of booking in and having a simple ‘top up’ to the acquired area.

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