Differences between the head hair tattoo and the art tattoo on the body

Quite the opposite to appearances, alopecia affects appreciably young men. It is a very troublesome problem for some of them, it can be humiliating, it causes them to lose their self-confidence and it can even cause depression. However, in a supplement to widely available hair growth agents, hair transplants or hairstyles disguising baldness, micropigmentation of the scalp can be achieved.

Training and experience

Before starting the SMP. Specialising in micropigmentation of hair undergo training in which they learn how to create realistic-looking hair follicles and natural-looking hairlines. In addition, they must have basic knowledge about the skin, immune diseases and what could be the cause of hair loss. Classic tattooists are usually artists who work using techniques devoted to classic tattoos. The SMP artist has different equipment that administers the ink to the follicles.

Specialised tools.

Unique thin needles are used for micropigmentation of the hair, much thinner than the body tattoo needles, the device that performs micropigmentation also differs from the device for traditional tattooing. In a supplement to the pigments used in micropigmentation of the scalp must be dedicated to micropigmentation, not to traditional tattoos.

Less pain

Scalp pigmentation is almost painless. Such a medical tattoo is placed comparatively superficial under the skin. The treatment is performed with a high-class, low-vibration device.  A traditional tattoo is made far deeper and usually on a greater surface area of the skin. In a classic tattoo, the tattooist could use several needle sizes. However, with micropigmentation, we work with just a single needle.

Application of tattoos

A tattooist traditionally tattoos on the skin for a completely different purpose than micropigmentation to the scalp.  We want to capture something on our body, express our emotions, stand out from the crowd. Such tattoos made by a vocational artist are often beautiful images that adorn the body.

A medical tattoo mimicking hair on the head has a completely different objective. It is to reconstruct the substitute for hair on our head. It is designed to cover up baldness and improve the way we look. A medical tattoo is functional and can change lives. After its implementation, the final effect is very realistic. It substantially increases our self-esteem, gives the appearance that is suitable for our age and improves our appearance.

The process of making a tattoo and following care Performing hair micropigmentation requires prior consultation. During which we discuss the details and learn about the customer’s expectations. Typically, three sessions are then staged. You must be sure that the scalp micropigmentation treatment is ideal. Clients who decide to undergo such a procedure must feel safe and confident. This is only possible in a place where there is a professional service. The person carrying out the micropigmentation has appropriate knowledge and experiences in this field.

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