How to Shave your Head after Scalp Micropigmentation

It all depends on what length of hair is appropriate in a specific case. After micropigmentation, in the case of a bald head, we must make sure that the hair is as short as possible. On the other hand, a person who has performed the scalp micropigmentation a procedure in order to thicken the hair may allow himself a longer haircut, so the issue of frequent cutting does not concern them. I will focus on people with advanced baldness, and therefore – after the micropigmentation treatment, the scalp should be a short haircut.

Ways to shave the head after scalp micropigmentation.

The first, which I personally would advise and have been practicing for years. A home clipper. Wahl clippers in my honest opinion are the absolute best.

The Wahl home clipper series is the ultimate device that can be used for the entire body. If there is hair? It can be trimmed. Home clippering using a Wahl professional clipper is safe. With regular cleaning and care will ensure that the device gives many years of use for the home user. Keeping blades oiled will optimise sharpness. The blades will remain smooth upon contact with your skin.

One of the most important parts of blade maintenance that often gets overlooked is maintaining high hygiene levels. Using the Hygiene Spray on your blades before each use guarantees the hygiene level to all your clients. It is a quick and easy way to keep your blades clean and helps to resist bacteria and viruses. It is important to remember is the cost of owning a Wahl clipper. I recommend purchasing a prestigious set of Wahl clippers. Never invest in any cheap clippers. Penny wise? Pound foolish! I recommend Wahl Magic clip cordless clippers. RRP £100 – £200 depending on model of clipper range. They are a solid set and will give years of cutting.

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