An Alternative to Hair Transplant

People who struggle with the problem of hair loss know very well what a hair transplant is. There are two types of hair transplantation – the strip method – hair removal by cutting a strip at the back of the head, and the FUE method – collecting individual hair follicles from the back of the head. This type of graft creates small scars where the hair is taken from, and the method of cutting a strip at the back of the head produces an ugly scar, most often from ear to ear. Both methods involve taking the hair follicles and “replanting” them where hair is missing.

The procedure may seem safe and simple, but the long-term results are often not visible. Most transplants lead to visible scars on the scalp as well as weakening of the hair that is left. If the transplanted hair takes hold – great, but will its thickness satisfy us? Is one transplant enough? No. Remember that in the case of transplants – the hair that is absorbed, i.e. stays forever – is only about 30% of the transplanted hair follicles. Considering the high cost of the hair transplant procedure can cost thousands.

What about transplant in people who are getting progressive baldness? This is a different matter. Imagine we are losing hair and our hairline is receding. We perform a transplant using one of the offered methods. Should we suppose that the transplant is accepted, and you are pleased with it. Over time, we still cannot fool our genetic factor, so hair loss persists. Bearing in mind that the transplanted hair does not fall out, our hairstyle looks strange. It looks like this – we have transplanted hair on the hairline, then we have an area on the head where the baldness persists relentlessly, then we have a visible piece of hair on the back of the head with either a visible scar from ear to ear. A lot of small scars that convey the impression of very diminishing hair on the back of the head.

Is there any alternative to hair transplant? Fortunately, Yes! It is scalp micropigmentation. The scalp micropigmentation treatment, also known as a medical tattoo, involves instituting a pigment into the skin that imitates short-cropped hair. The treatment is minimally invasive, less invasive than a tattoo.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

This treatment disguises the effects of hair loss. With the help of a pigment, you can hide scars on the head that may have emerged as a result of surgery, an accident or a hair transplant. If we have a lot of hair, but our hairline has receded? We can reconstruct a new frontal line as well as fill in the defects on the side of the head. The pigment blends with our hair, giving you a younger, better look. People with sophisticated baldness can use micropigmentation to restore the former presence of a thick hairdo.

What are the advantages of scalp micropigmentation treatment?

The problem with hair loss is that it is literally all over the head. After undergoing the SMP treatment, you will not notice any further baldness as the hair-mimicking pigment is introduced where there is no more hair, but the specialist also introduces it where the hair still grows. Why?

Reason for this is that we want the most natural effect, and this can only be achieved when the pigment and our natural hair form a whole. The SMP therapy gives us certain results – the effect is always guaranteed, and the cost compared to hair transplantation is multiple times lower.

What should you remember after the SMP process?

It is just about keeping our natural hair in the right length.

What are the advantages of this?

• We always look neat and tidy.

• We can use the swimming pool, sauna and gym as usual without fear that hair product will run from our heads.

• We can save on visits to the barber shop and simply shave our own hair at home with home clippers.

• Nobody will see a thinning haircut. This is because we have the effect of a thick, cropped cut.

• We are comfortable in every situation – you wake up and look good, you play sports – you sweat – you look good! No wax or gels to get in your eyes. Hair loss in men is often a loss of not only your hair, but also self-confidence. Since you can regain your new look and confidence, just go for it?

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